Wild West Podcast

Return of Billy Brooks: The Lawman Turned Bad

July 07, 2022 Michael King/Brad Smalley
Wild West Podcast
Return of Billy Brooks: The Lawman Turned Bad
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Show Notes

Even though a Town Company had organized the small settlement in August 1872, the city was still unincorporated. The town had no elected or appointed officials. A county government had not yet been organized; consequently, there were no courts, jails, or official law enforcement in the region. The closest known law was located in Hays City, over 100 miles away. Initially, there was no law enforcement in the burgeoning settlement, and Dodge City quickly acquired its infamous stamp of lawlessness and gun slinging. As the many buffalo hunters, railroad workers, drifters, and soldiers streamed into the town after long excursions on the prairie; they quickly found the saloons and the inevitable fights that ensued. The men who set up the business decided they would hire protection, and when they did, they found Billy Brooks.  Wild West Podcast is proud to present The Return of Billy Brooks: The Lawman who Turned Bad.

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