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“Cattle Trails” Part 3: Cattle Drives, Cowboys & Cattletowns

October 07, 2022 Michael King/Brad Smalley
Wild West Podcast
“Cattle Trails” Part 3: Cattle Drives, Cowboys & Cattletowns
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Show Notes

From 1867 to 1889, the two most prominent cattle trails in Texas were the Western Trail, also known as the Fort Griffin-Dodge City Trail, and the Eastern Trail, also known as the Chisholm Trail. To confuse matters further, the Chisholm Trail has also been historically referred to as the Abilene, Caldwell, Cattle, Great Texas Cattle, Kansas, and McCoy's Trail. Still, Texas historians acknowledge that the names of these trails do not resonate as loudly within American history or attract as much tourism as Chisholm Trail. The first cattle trail is named after Jesse Chisholm, a Scotch-Cherokee fur trader who forged a route from Wichita, Kansas, to the North Canadian River. To follow the history of the cattle trails, Joseph G. McCoy, a businessman, and entrepreneur, is credited with the extension of the trail as far south as Brownsville, Texas. The Chisholm Trail became popularized in American history through songs, stories, mythical tales, radio, television, and movies. To this day, historians and enthusiasts debate various aspects of the Chisholm Trail's history, especially the route and name. Wild West Podcast proudly presents Cattle Trails and the Men who Founded Them.

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