Wild West Podcast

"Cowboy Culture” Part 4: Cattle Drives, Cowboys & Cowtowns

October 21, 2022 Michael King/Brad Smalley
Wild West Podcast
"Cowboy Culture” Part 4: Cattle Drives, Cowboys & Cowtowns
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Show Notes

Search the world for manly noblemen, who scorned to do an underhand trick to gain an advantage over an adversary, making the price of honor so high that dishonor forfeited the life of the betrayer, and you may have created an impossible ideal. But go to the real old-time ranchman, who now perhaps is a banker or dealer in high finance, and ask him to tell you the characteristics of those bold, reckless dare-devils that he used to employ on the range. Those who could laugh while they fought the robbers and Indians, and he will tell you that nowhere on God's footstool were women and children safer than under the protecting care of the cowboys. They never failed to respond to an appeal for help when the lives and homes of the early settlers were in danger. The cowboy placed his life at their service with his pony and arms and boldly marched forth to victory or death. Wild West Podcast proudly presents Cattle Drives, Cowboys & Cowtowns, Part 4: "The Culture of the Cowboy.” Stay with us after this episode as Mike and I further explore; cowboy attire. 

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