Wild West Podcast

A Miner's Christmas Carol

December 16, 2022 Michael King/Brad Smalley
Wild West Podcast
A Miner's Christmas Carol
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Show Notes

In 1858 there was a little camp about ten miles from Pinoche, and the winter months had tiptoed in as if dancing to a timid harp, as if it takes time for those colder months to gain the certainty that their time has arrived. In this camp occupied by three hundred miners, every one of whom might have packed his prospecting implements and left for more inviting fields any time before sunset. But, instead, when the day was over, these men did not rest from their labors, like the honest New England agriculturist, but sang, danced, gambled, and shot each other as the mood seized them. 

Christmas eve was fast approaching, and a feeling of unease came with it. Yet the miners in town wanted to make Christmas Eve special, to take time to see souls and their level of wellness or need. They planned to rest in a quiet moment to observe the spiritual rather than the hard labor of the mines allowing the world's business to put friendship first rather than in the dark moments of the mines. Wild West Podcast proudly presents “A Miner's Christmas Carol” by Sameul Davis, edited by Mike King & narrated by Brad Smalley. 

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