Wild West Podcast

The Chuck Wagon

January 13, 2023 Michael King/Brad Smalley
Wild West Podcast
The Chuck Wagon
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Show Notes

At roundup time or on a five-month trail drive that covered 1500 miles, the chuck wagon was an essential piece of equipment in the cattle industry, and the cook was the most important person. More than any other man, the cook ensured the men were happy and productive. Without good food, men would quit, and the work would not get done. So it was well said among the cowboys before mealtime. Wild West Podcast proudly presents The Chuck Wagon with …

"Bacon on the pan

Coffee in the pot;

Get up, get it - 

Get it while it's hot

Stay with us after this episode as Mike and I further explore; The Importance of the Chuck Wagon on a Cattle Drive. 

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