Wild West Podcast

History of Boot Hill Museum

December 07, 2021 Michael King/Brad Smalley/Lyne Johnson
Wild West Podcast
History of Boot Hill Museum
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Show Notes

 The exciting and unique story of early Dodge City is told daily along Front Street at Boot Hill Museum. The area’s rich history dates back to the Native Americans who thrived off the land and the buffalo. The establishment of the Santa Fe Trail brought settlers to the area and introduced the potential of what is known as Dodge City. Law and order was soon recognized, and Dodge City became a civilized frontier town and a center of commerce on the prairie. Wild West Podcast proudly presents the History of Boot Hill Museum. At the end of this episode, we will have Lyne Johnson, Assistant Director of Boot Hill Museum, to talk about the progress the museum has made over the years.  

To receive additional information on Boot Hill Museum you can join the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BootHillMuseum. In addition, you can learn more about your upcoming visit to Boot Hill Museum at www.boothill.org. Links to these Websites are provided in the description portion of this Podcast. 

Cattle Drives Website
Legends of Dodge City Website
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